Farmer Diaries (China): Chinese Cane Harvesting Begins!

Insight Focus

  • November has finally brought rainfall.
  • However, at this stage it risks lowering the sucrose yield of cane.
  • Cane planting decisions will be made after the New Year

What have you been up to?

We are beginning to harvest cane! This year, after nearly 6 months of drought, November has been cold. The sugar cane is not growing well, so I don’t have the mood to take more photos. The start of harvesting is quiet, without any ceremony.


What stage is your crop at?

After two months of water cannon irrigation, I was bored. However, this year’s sugarcane crop has barely received any rainfall, and all depends on artificial irrigation. If I don’t want to have no harvest, I have no choice but to continue.


The grain growers dry their grain on the concrete road, which inevitably gets wet when I water the sugar cane. I’m sorry about that. Po seems to be looking at me with disapproval.


On the importance of irrigation: two fields five meters apart, the former is new cane planted in July with ample water irrigation, the canes are prosperous; The latter is ratoon depending on the rainfall, the canes are all withered……


The surprise is that the November rains, though long overdue, have finally arrived. It rained for nearly five hours, more than the total amount of rain since July. Finally, the sugar cane had a good meal. But if the weather stays this rainy, the sugar content of the cane may fall.


Next Step?

We haven’t planted any new sugar cane yet. We will wait until the harvest is almost complete and plant it after the Chinese New Year.

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