• In the last 2 weeks of June, a months’ worth of rain fell across Maharashtra. 
  • This means Monsoon rains to date have returned to normal levels. 
  • Key irrigation reservoirs have been empty for 3 months so we still estimate India production down 5m tonnes YoY. 


  • Monsoon rainfall is now within normal levels throughout most of the key cane areas in Maharashtra. 

Maharashtra – Monsoon Rainfall

Key Sugarcane Areas

  • However, key cane irrigation reservoirs have been dry for 3 months and remain low despite the recent rainfall. 
  • Therefore, we still expect a 40% production decrease in Maharashtra (4m tonnes) since last year. 
  • This means India will produce 29m tonnes in 19/20, above India’s 26m tonnes consumption. 
  • Stocks will build further and put more pressure on the Indian Government to launch an export programme.