Mexican Exports Displacing Brazilian VHP

  • Mexico has exported 945k tonnes of sugar this season.
  • This is more than in the last 5 years combined.
  • A large majority of shipments have been to refiners accustomed to buying Brazilian VHP.

Mexican Exports Nearly Finished  

  • To date, Mexico has exported 945k tonnes to the world market.

Mexico 2018/19 Cumulative Export Flow

  • This is a record volume due to their high production (6.4m tonnes) and lower quota access to the USA.

Mexican World Market Exports

  • A large majority of the sugar shipped has been bulk raw sugars to refiners.

Mexican World Market Sugar Exports by Quality

  • We believe most world market exports are now finished for the 2018/19 season.  

Key Destinations    

  • Morocco, Canada, and Uzbekistan have received 696k tonnes (73%) of the total Mexican world market exports.
  • This has directly displaced Brazilian bulk VHP shipments to these origins.

Mexican World Market Shipments by Destination

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