Analyst Insights

Chicago Corn Rallies From Short Covering

  • Dry weather in US pulls Chicago corn higher.
  • US corn planting faster than normal.
  • Black sea grain corridor extension will ease vessel queue.

Alberto Carmona

4 days ago

3 min read

Sugar Futures and Market Data: 30th May 2023

  • The No.11 has weakened slightly over the past week.
  • As a result, both consumer and speculator net positions have remained nearly unchanged.
  • Q/N sugar white premiums have strengthened, standing at 149USD/mt.

Tabasoom Watak

4 days ago

1 min read

TechCom Core Commodity Review Tuesday 30th May 2023

Featuring 8 key futures markets that combined add up to more than 50% of the entire weighting of the Bloomberg Commodity Index (23 markets total) and augmented by analysis of the Bloomberg Index and the US Dollar Index, this report offers the preeminent heavyweight commodity sector portfolio.

Michael Ellis

4 days ago

4 min read

From the TXF Global Conference: Ensuring Food Security

  • Markets have responded to disruption to Black Sea grains shipments.
  • Energy security is an overlooked part of food security.
  • The commodity trade can use its influence to enhance sustainable food security.

Stephen Geldart

4 days ago

9 min read

Panama Canal Issues Show Cost Of Extreme Weather

  • The Panama Canal is vital for Asia – US East Coast trade.
  • This summer’s dry season in Panama may be harsher than previous years.
  • This will increase costs and certainty for shipping companies, and cost the global economy.

Sara Warden

5 days ago

2 min read

Ask The Analyst: Your Questions from Our Recent Sugar Market Webinar

  • In this week’s Ask the Analyst we answer some of the questions posed during our recent global sugar market webinar.
  • If you would like to watch the webinar recording, please follow this link.
  • We plan to run our next webinar in Q3 and look forward to seeing you there.

Jay Kindred

1 week ago

2 min read