Analyst Insights

Can India Export Sugar Today? 23rd March 2023

  • In Maharashtra more mills than normal have closed due to a lack of cane.
  • With production failing to meet earlier forecasts, it is unlikely more exports will be permitted.
  • White and raw sugar export margins have increased as global market prices have strengthened.

Tabasoom Watak

6 days ago

1 min read

TechCom Forex Review Wednesday 22nd March 2023

For those seeking more than just analysis of the Dollar Index as a benchmark for currencies as a whole, this report looks at 8 major spot Forex pairings that make up the lions’ share of the vast global FX marketplace while ensuring that critical diversity key to the successful investor.

Michael Ellis

6 days ago

3 min read

Brazil May Export 5 million Tonnes of Corn To China in 2023

  • Brazil might become one of the world’s largest corn exporters.
  • Brazilian corn is now cheaper than the US corn.
  • Chinese companies turn to alternative suppliers to diversify imports and increase food security.

Carla Aranha

7 days ago

4 min read

Regionalisation Poses Little Threat To Global Trade

  • The threat of deglobalization has hung over the economy since 2020.
  • The data shows that regionalisation has accelerated, and certain countries are decoupling faster than others
  • But this doesn’t necessarily jeopardise maritime trade.

Sara Warden

1 week ago

2 min read

EU Carbon Prices Plunge

  • Investor selling of risky assets hits EU carbon market.
  • Prices fall 15% in one week.
  • Traded volume was the highest since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Alessandro Vitelli

1 week ago

2 min read