Analyst Insights

Sub-$6/bu Corn Here To Stay

  • Big progress in US corn planting.
  • China cancels corn purchases again.
  • Black Sea Corridor extended.

Alberto Carmona

2 weeks ago

2 min read

TechCom Core Commodity Review Monday 22nd May 2023

Featuring 8 key futures markets that combined add up to more than 50% of the entire weighting of the Bloomberg Commodity Index (23 markets total) and augmented by analysis of the Bloomberg Index and the US Dollar Index, this report offers the preeminent heavyweight commodity sector portfolio.

Michael Ellis

2 weeks ago

3 min read

Sugar Futures and Market Data: 22nd May 2023

  • Raw and refined sugar futures prices have traded sideways over the past week.
  • Futures positioning was broadly unchanged.
  • Q/N sugar white premiums have strengthened, standing at 141USD/mt.

Tabasoom Watak

2 weeks ago

1 min read

Czapp Explains: Corn in Brazil

Grain production in Brazil is now responsible for more than 50% of national agribusiness. It’s therefore essential in the economy. Corn is the second most important crop in agricultural production in Brazil, behind soybeans.

Leticia Pizzo

2 weeks ago

5 min read