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Can India Export Sugar Today? 26th January 2023

  • Reports of poor Indian cane yields could limit 2022/23 export availability.
  • Domestic white sugar prices in Maharashtra strengthened by 2.5% during last week.
  • Both raw and white sugar exports are workable.

Farah Anton Mora

6 hours ago

1 min read

Indian Cane Crop Sets Tone For Molasses Market

  • India is currently the pivotal supplier for the molasses market.
  • There are rumours that Indian cane performance isn’t as good as hoped.
  • Beet molasses prices remain elevated.

Andrew Creasey

10 hours ago

1 min read


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Czapp Explains: Global PET Resin Capacity and Projects

Since entering commercial production back in the 1980s, PET bottle-grade resin has rapidly grown to become the dominant packaging for beverages. The move away from traditional glass bottles was driven by a need to reduce both transportation and production costs, whilst improving the durability and safety of packaging. Improvements in production and compounding technologies over this time also enabled for a rapid expansion in PET resin usage across the food and beverage space.

Gareth Lamb

2 months ago

3 min read