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Manage your contracts and commodity positions on a single dashboard. Get a real-time overview of your active and past contracts for all commodities, view outstanding invoices, and place or edit derivative orders directly in the CZ order platform.


Grower Pricing

CZ has teamed up with the NFU and British Sugar to create the world’s first futures-linked pricing tool for Sugar Beet, which lets you independently set the price of your beet crop contracted on the futures-linked formula through our app. Find out more on how to access and to set up your weekly price alerts here.

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CS Brazil Cane Prices

Our free interactive dashboard provides mills, cane growers and land leasers with the historical and projected ATR prices. This provides market players the tools to create budget scenarios, by ensuring they understand the movement behind cane prices components. Take a look here.

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Market Data & Prices

Access delayed (15 min) market data prices as part of a premium subscription on the app or upgrade to include real time prices (no delay). Currently this includes London No.5, New York No.11 & No.16 sugar markets as well as Coffee and Cocoa.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Take control of your inventory with Czapp’s VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) feature. Manage and call on your warehouse stock with ease, while showcasing CZ’s first and last mile logistics offering. With accurate stock management and greater supply chain visibility, you’ll increase efficiency and reduce risk.

Vessel Tracker

Take a global perspective on your shipping, using data-driven decisions to achieve operational excellence. Benefit from real-time tracking, historical insights, and improved control over your supply chain, seamlessly integrated into our incoterm and location-driven operations platform.

Business Intelligence

Stay informed with our real-time market intelligence and trade flow data. Make strategic decisions with confidence leveraging our dynamic reports for a deeper understanding of performance within the agri-product markets.


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Insights and Industry Explainers

CZ’s app provides insights and industry explainers for the agriculture, food and beverage and energy markets.

CZ Insights

Drive your business with the market data and intelligence you need to succeed. Gain an edge with the latest market trends, expert opinions, and in-depth analysis from our seasoned agri-products analysts, including access to exclusive reports and industry forecasts.

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CZ Explains

The markets we operate in weren’t clear enough for all of our customers to understand, so we wrote the book on them. Become an instant expert in a range of different products and services with our easy-to-understand guides.

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Get complete control over your hedging and procurement strategy, all while having your own expert analyst by your side.

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