Analyst Insights

Can India Export Sugar Today? 26th January 2023

  • Reports of poor Indian cane yields could limit 2022/23 export availability.
  • Domestic white sugar prices in Maharashtra strengthened by 2.5% during last week.
  • Both raw and white sugar exports are workable.

Farah Anton Mora

6 hours ago

1 min read

Indian Cane Crop Sets Tone For Molasses Market

  • India is currently the pivotal supplier for the molasses market.
  • There are rumours that Indian cane performance isn’t as good as hoped.
  • Beet molasses prices remain elevated.

Andrew Creasey

10 hours ago

1 min read

Greening Disease and Drought Ravage Orange Harvests

  • Citrus greening disease continues to affect oranges in Brazil and Florida.
  • Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice stocks are extremely low today.
  • FCOJ futures remain close to record levels.

Juanita Pachon Rojas

11 hours ago

2 min read

TechCom Forex Review Wednesday 25th January 2023

For those seeking more than just analysis of the Dollar Index as a benchmark for currencies as a whole, this report looks at 8 major spot Forex pairings that make up the lions’ share of the vast global FX marketplace while ensuring that critical diversity key to the successful investor.

Michael Ellis

1 day ago

3 min read

January 2023 Sugar Market Video

  • New year, same range for raw and refined sugar.
  • Sugar is finely balanced and one poor crop away from higher prices.
  • Patience and discipline will be an edge for hedgers.

Stephen Geldart

2 days ago

3 min read

Grains Markets Adapt To Heavier Supply

  • Russia has suggested they could limit corn exports to avoid low stocks.
  • But otherwise corn and wheat feel well-supplied.
  • Russia has also harvested an all-time record amount of wheat.

Alberto Carmona

2 days ago

2 min read