CS Brazil: 10% Drop in Productivity in May

  • The figures for the 2H May came similar to last fortnight:
  • Strong crush rate, poor agricultural productivity, and very high quality of the plant:
  • ATR for this fortnight is again surprising, reaching the highest value since 2007 – 137.34kg/tc

Safra 2021/22 – 2H May


Same History  

  • CS crushing continues strong this fortnight – 43mmt were processed – slightly above the volume of 2H May of the previous year.
  • However, the cumulative crush of this crop is still 11% lower yoy.
  • This is due to the delay in the beginning of the harvest and the poor agricultural productivity due to the dry weather.
  • For May, the CTC measured a drop in agricultural yields of 9.63% – 79.16 ton/ha against 87.60 ton/ha in the 20/21 crop
  • The agricultural loss for May is in line with our estimates, and for now we are following reports from suppliers and mills in different regions.
  • The downward bias for the sugarcane crush this crop still remains.
  • On the other hand, the dry weather contributes to the sucrose concentration in the plant reaching 137.43kg/tc – the highest value since 2007

Ethanol Market 

  • The average parity in São Paulo remains at 76.6% – a level at which biofuel is no longer considered attractive to the driver
  • Thus, the greater the demand for gasoline, the greater is for anhydrous – 840.35 m liters of anhydrous were sold this fortnight (42% higher than last season)

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