Fertiliser Importers Caught in Russia-Ukraine Crossfire

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has implications for global fertiliser market.
  • It’s the fourth-largest fertiliser producer in the world.
  • Tighter agricultural input supply from war comes on top of hit to food supply.

Russian Sanctions Could Jeopardise Fertiliser Access 

  • The Americas and Europe are highly exposed to Russian fertiliser trade flows.
  • Brazil sources about 9.8m tonnes of fertiliser each year from Russia, accounting for about a quarter of its total fertiliser imports.
  • If Black Sea trade remains disrupted, the Americas may struggle to source Russian fertiliser or may face significant delays from diverted freight cargoes.
  • China is less likely to face volatility with its neutrality during the conflict and large border with Russia.
  • Collectively, Europe sources large amounts of fertiliser from Russia, leaving it exposed.

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