Czapp Explains: The Chinese Sugar Industry




Rosa Li

Rosa Li

What are carbon offsets and what are they used for?

Carbon offsets represent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions made through investments in clean technology and practices, ranging from building wind turbines to replace fossil fuel power to protecting and planting forests.

Alessandro Vitelli

6 months ago

1 min read

Czapp Explains: Costs and Price Risk Management

Welcome to the fifth part of Czapp’s course on freight.

In the first episode we looked at the different ways that cargo can be moved through supply chains around the world. In the second, we looked at the different participants in the drybulk freight market. In the third we looked at the ships themselves. In the fourth we looked at the contracts needed to move goods.

Now, we will look at how everyone in the supply chain can control their costs and manage any price risk.

Stephen Geldart

2 months ago

5 min read