Czapp Explains: The Mexican Sugar Industry




Czapp Explains: Dry Bulk Contracts

Welcome to the fourth part of Czapp’s course on freight.

We will look at the paperwork involved in the drybulk freight market. “Looking at paperwork” sounds deeply unpleasant, but we’ll try to avoid putting the ‘dry’ into ‘drybulk’.

Stephen Geldart

2 months ago

6 min read

Czapp Explains: Sugar Production Overview

Sugar comes from two crops: sugar cane (which accounts for 80% of total sugar production) and sugar beet (which accounts for the remaining 20%). Both crops produce sucrose and there is is no chemical difference between the end product, although beets only make high quality white sugar whereas cane can make a range of sugars from low-grade raws all the way to high quality whites. Cane and beet are grown in different climates across the globe.

Stephanie Rodriguez

5 months ago

6 min read

What are carbon offsets and what are they used for?

Carbon offsets represent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions made through investments in clean technology and practices, ranging from building wind turbines to replace fossil fuel power to protecting and planting forests.

Alessandro Vitelli

6 months ago

1 min read