Can India Export Sugar Today? 15th October 2020

  • Raw sugar export parity remains entrenched in negative territory; 18.6c/lb is where we’ll see unsubsidised raws exports for 2020/21 become competitive.
  • The No.5 futures have strengthened slightly since last week; USD 457/mt is where we’ll see unsubsidised low-quality white sugar exports for 2020/21 become competitive.
  • The USD/INR FX has remained stable this week, meaning it has no impact on export parity.

Spot Export Parity Update



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India: Sugar vs Ethanol? 11th April 2024

  • Domestic sugar prices have strengthened.
  • Producers are still being incentivised to use C-molasses for ethanol production.
  • General elections are starting later this month.

Samia Ohiduzzaman

3 days ago

1 min