Can India Export Sugar Today? 16th March 2023

Insight Focus

  • Alongside the existing 6m tonnes of export licences, an additional 1m tonnes of exports could be granted by the Indian government if stock requirements are met.
  • Domestic sugar prices in Maharashtra remain unchanged at 33.5INR/kg.
  • White and raw sugar export margins have increased as global market prices have strengthened.



Latest Domestic Price and Exchange Rates



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Can India Export Sugar Today? 17th September 2020

  • With the No.11 futures around 12c/lb this week, raw sugar export parity sits well within negative territory; 19.5c/lb is where we’ll see unsubsidized Indian raws exports for 2020/21 become competitive. 
  • The No.5 futures have kept their range this week; $478/mt is where we’ll see unsubsidized Indian low-quality white exports for the 2020/21 season become competitive. 
  • The USD/INR FX has been stable this week and does not influence the attractiveness of exports. 

Fiona Tan

3 years ago

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