Farmer Diaries (Australia): Using The Offcrop to Improve the Cane

Insight Focus

  • Heavy rainfall in Australia will help cane growth.
  • The cane crop is being sprayed to ensure its quality.
  • Now is also the time for equipment maintenance.

What Are You Doing On The Farm?

After constant monsoonal rain (over 2,000mm since start of year) spraying is in full swing so the crop is presented to the cane harvester at an acceptable quality. Maintenance of equipment is well ahead of schedule due to many hours being spent in the shed, out of the rain. Also spending a large amount of time attending to pest control around the properties, namely feral pigs and rats.

What Stage Is Your Cane Crop At?

Crop is growing actively and progressing well for this time of year. The new SRA varieties are the standout which is encouraging, setting the potential for productivity increases into the future.

What Are Your Biggest Concerns?

Feral pig control is consuming a great portion of time at the moment. The need to bait traps with bananas takes many hours and ties up resources within the business. Traps have limited success with other options being accessed and trialled.


One such option is the purchase of a drone with thermal capability. Hopefully it will give us the ability to locate the pigs in the cane crop, at night and early morning hours. The hope is that once located, the targets should be able to be herded out into the open allowing easier access for hunters.

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