• The Indian monsoon is normal this year. 
  • Rainfall in the key cane state of Maharashtra is above average, with the best rainfall in the west of the state. 
  • However, we remain concerned about water availability further east, especially because irrigation reservoirs are dry. 

Rainfall Performance in Key Districts 

  • Indian monsoon rainfall is important for cane growth in Maharashtra and Karnataka, which together account for 30% of total cane acreage. 
  • This is because cane here is irrigated primarily from rain-dependent reservoirs, or is un-irrigated. 
  • Cane in Uttar Pradesh tends to be less dependent on monsoon rainfall. 

 Monsoon Rainfall inMajor Indian Sugarcane States 

  • Rainfall in Maharashtra has been steadily increasing over the last two weeks from 0% to 10% above normal levels.

Maharashtra (Sugarcane Regions) – Monsoon Rainfall  

  • Torrential rains in Pune have led cumulative rainfall double normal levels. 
  • However, rains are disappointing in Solapur but have improved slightly from a 50% deficit to 43% deficit.  

MH & KN Reservoir Levels 

  • We expect a 40% decline in Maharashtra’s production due to the key reservoirs being dry since March.  
  • Jakaywadi and Ujjani reservoirs which account for the irrigation of the majority of MH’s cane area are still dry. 
  • Water levels by August could give an indication on whether monsoon rains could reduce the impact of the earlier dry months.  

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